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Mission Statement Our commitment is to deliver value to your family through energy efficient products, materials and building practices.

A Custom Designed Home

What sets STONECLIFF HOMES apart from other builders is our ability to really listen to our clients, understand what they say and then design and build a home that is perfect for them.

A typical builder may give you limited options to choose from. As a custom home builder and the premiere Central Ohio luxury custom home builder, we want to know what your vision is. The imagination does not work in templates and cookie-cutter designs. You need a custom home builder that’s committed to building your dream home. And that is STONECLIFF HOMES We want to take your perfect home, and make it your real home. You dream it, we build it. It’s that simple.

At STONECLIFF HOMES we always start every home from scratch, using our own design team to create a wonderful individual home that is unique to your personality and lifestyle. Starting from scratch is the only option when building someone’s dream home. There is no template for that. That’s why we spend time listening to our clients. We communicate with the client throughout the process. It isn’t right unless the client is thrilled.

Before our designer even sharpens a pencil we want you to pour your heart out. Tell us your dreams for your new home and how you visualize the way it should look. Tell us about your lifestyle and about your thoughts for each individual room. It may be a bit more time consuming than just having you pick from our options, but we know it’s worth it. We take pride in our work and this is how we prove it. Call our office today and let us start making your dreams become reality.

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